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Starting Document Backup

Click on the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your screen, then point at Programs, then point at Insofta Document Backup and then click on the Document Backup item.

Overview of the User Interface

Document Backup appears as a typical Windows application with intuitively clear user interface. All the commands available in the program are available through the menu. The toolbar at the top will allow you to access the most frequently used commands. The taskbar on the left of the programís window will provide you the quick access to the typical tasks that the program can perform.

For more information on each item in the user interface, please read:

You can protect the main window from unauthorized access by setting an access password. Setting up a password will not prevent you from being able to backup the items you have configured. This is a handy tool to prevent unauthorized users from changing the programís settings.

System tray commands

When Document Backup starts, it places its icon in the system notification area (tray).

If you have scheduled any backup operations, the program will perform them automatically and display the balloon tip in the tray when an operation is complete.

You can use that icon to access the programís major commands when the programís main window is minimized or closed. The commands available through the icon in the tray are:

  • Open Insofta Document Backup Ė opens the programís main window.
  • Back up the Item Ė performs the backup of the selected item.
  • Back up All Items Ė backs up all items.
  • Exit Ė closes the programís windows and unloads the program.

To run any of these commands, right-click on the programís icon in the system tray and then select the command to be run on the list that appears.

You can customize the tray icon menu in the Settings window, which can be opened by clicking on the Settings button on the toolbar or by selecting the Settings item on the File menu.

Stopping Document Backup

Simply select the Exit item on the File menu or right-click on the programís icon in the system tray and then select the Exit command on the list that appears.

You can also click on the X (Close) button in the upper-right corner of the programís window to close the window. However, clicking on the Close will not actually close the program; instead, it will minimize it to the system notification area.

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